HP Officejet 6310 - Contents pane

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Contents pane

HP Photosmart Mac Help

opens in the Help Viewer. It is divided into two panes.

When you first open the Help, the left pane contains a list of the sections in the Help
related to your HP All-in-One and software.

For information on tasks and features available from the control panel of the
HP All-in-One, double-click the

6300 series Help


For troubleshooting information about the HP All-in-One, double-click the


series Troubleshooting


The other sections listed on the


pane provide information on using the

HP Photosmart Mac Software to complete tasks.

After you select a section of the Help to view, the


pane changes to show a

top-down view of the topics in that section, similar to the table of contents in a book.
This is a useful way to find all the information provided about a single feature, such as
printing photos.