HP Officejet 6310 - Use the Help on a Windows computer

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Use the Help on a Windows computer

This section explains how to access the onscreen Help on a Windows computer. It
tells you how to use the navigation, search, and index features in the Help system to
find the specific information you need.

To access the

HP Photosmart Software Help

on a Windows computer


In the

HP Solution Center

, click the tab for the HP All-in-One.


In the

Device Support

area, click

Onscreen Guide




If you click

Onscreen Guide

, a pop-up menu appears. You can choose to

open the welcome page for the entire Help system or to go specifically to the
Help for the HP All-in-One.

If you click


, the

Troubleshooting and support



The following diagram highlights features for finding your way around the Help.

1 Contents, Index, and Search tabs
2 Display area
3 Help toolbar