HP Officejet 6310 - Set the answer mode

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Set the answer mode
The answer mode determines whether the HP All-in-One answers incoming calls or

Turn on the

Auto Answer

setting if you want the HP All-in-One to answer faxes

automatically. The HP All-in-One will answer all incoming calls and faxes.

Turn off the

Auto Answer

setting if you want to receive faxes manually. You

must be available to respond in person to the incoming fax call or the HP All-in-
One will not receive faxes.

To set the answer mode
➔ Press

Auto Answer

to turn the light on or off, as appropriate for your setup.

When the

Auto Answer

light is on, the HP All-in-One answers calls

automatically. When the light is off, the HP All-in-One does not answer calls.