HP Officejet 6310 - Papers to avoid

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Papers to avoid

Using paper that is too thin or too thick, paper that has a slick texture, or paper that
stretches easily can cause paper jams. Using paper that has a heavy texture or does
not accept ink can cause printed images to smear, bleed, or not fill in completely.

Papers to avoid for all print and copy jobs

Any size paper other than those listed in the technical specifications chapter of
your User Guide.

Paper with cutouts or perforations (unless specifically designed for use with HP
inkjet devices).

Highly textured stock, such as linen. It might not print evenly, and the ink can
bleed into these papers.

Extremely smooth, shiny, or coated papers not specifically designed for the
HP All-in-One. They can jam the HP All-in-One or repel the ink.

Multi-part forms, such as duplicate and triplicate forms. They can wrinkle or get
stuck, and the ink is more likely to smear.

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Envelopes with clasps or windows. They can get stuck in the rollers and cause
paper jams.

Banner paper.

Additional papers to avoid when copying


Transparency film other than HP Premium Inkjet Transparency Film or
HP Premium Plus Inkjet Transparency Film.

Iron-On Transfers.

Greeting card paper.