HP Officejet 6310 - Load originals

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Load originals and load paper

You can load many different types and sizes of paper in the HP All-in-One, including
letter or A4 paper, photo paper, transparencies, and envelopes. By default, the HP All-
in-One is set to detect the size and type of paper you load in the input tray
automatically and then adjust its settings to generate the highest quality output for that
If you are using special papers, such as photo paper, transparency film, envelopes, or
labels, or if you experience poor print quality using the


setting, you can

manually set the paper size and type for print and copy jobs.

Load originals

Choose papers for printing and copying

Load paper

Avoid paper jams

Load originals

You can load an original for a copy, fax, or scan job in the automatic document feeder
or on the glass. Originals that are loaded in the automatic document feeder will
automatically be fed into the HP All-in-One.

Load an original in the automatic document feeder

Load an original on the glass