HP Officejet 6310 - Fax setup troubleshooting

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Fax setup troubleshooting

This section contains fax setup troubleshooting information for the HP All-in-One. If
the HP All-in-One is not set up properly for faxing, you might experience problems
when sending faxes, receiving faxes, or both.

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If you are having faxing problems, you can print a fax test report to check the status of
the HP All-in-One. The test will fail if the HP All-in-One is not set up properly for
faxing. Perform this test after you have completed setting up the HP All-in-One for
faxing. For more information, see

Test your fax setup


If the test fails, review the report for information on how to fix any problems found. For
more information, you can also see the next section,

The fax test failed