HP Officejet 6310 - Insert a memory card

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Insert a memory card

If your digital camera uses a memory card to store photos, you can insert the memory
card in the HP All-in-One to print or save your photos.


Attempting to remove a memory card while it is being accessed can

damage files on the card. You can safely remove a card only when the photo
light is not blinking. Also, never insert more than one memory card at a time as
this can also damage files on the memory cards.

The HP All-in-One supports the memory cards described below. Each type of memory
card can only be inserted in the appropriate slot for that card.

Top slot: xD-Picture Card

Second slot from top: Memory Stick, Magic Gate Memory Stick, Memory Stick
Duo (with user-supplied adapter), Memory Stick Pro

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Third slot from top: CompactFlash (I, II)

Bottom slot: Secure Digital, MultiMediaCard (MMC), Secure MultiMedia Card

To insert a memory card

Turn the memory card so that the label faces up, and the contacts are facing the
HP All-in-One.


Insert the memory card into the corresponding memory card slot.